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This is matti, telling you that i moved, that's right, nothing to see here except this stupid messages, follow the link below for new blog 

oh hai, just here telling you that i'm not posting anything on this blog anymore, so follow the other one or not, kay' 

Just a reminder that I moved blogs, follow if you want but unfollow this blog unless you want this reminders every single week 

Not here anymore, follow me here. Please unfollow this blog 

I moved, this is my new blog 

samxkurt said: what why is everyone doing this

organizing tags also a few changes

on my case i want to have a nice art tag :)

bye bye, except not really, i'm moving 


Drops of Jupiter- Train

did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?

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Boy, look at that body! (x)

Prof. Martinez / Kurt

Just a lil’ sketch. I ship it. Don’t mind me.

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sayestoshipping-archive said: How do I even get mobile lol

Costumize>Advanced>Use optimized mobile layout>check

and that’s it :)